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Mizuho Bank, as a leading financial institution with one of the largest customer bases in Japan and a network of branches in Japan and overseas, will build on its current strengths and characteristics, and fully leverage the comprehensive capabilities of the Mizuho group to meet our customers' diverse financial needs and contribute to the economic and social development of Japan and countries around the world. We are similarly committed to fulfilling our public duty as a financial institution by facilitating our customers' access to a stable supply of funds.

Dedicated to Becoming our Customers' Most Trusted Financial Partner

As the largest financial institution in the Mizuho group, Mizuho Bank worked further to improve all individual and corporate customer convenience by providing an effective and multifaceted range of comprehensive financial services through promoting a strategy of close collaboration between the Mizuho group's banking, trust banking and securities entities and our strategy of joint implementation of corporate and individual services, based on the "One MIZUHO New Frontier Plan."

We have been working to leverage the Group's comprehensive capabilities to further meeting customers' needs by implementing the Area One Mizuho Promotion Project. With respect to each geographical area, this project has brought RMs of MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC together to engage in discussions about the special characteristics of the region and customers in that region. Based on a good grasp of those characteristics and drawing on their various kinds of expertise, the participants consider the best means of becoming "No. 1 in earning customers' trust" from diverse perspectives. As a result, we have in one year considerably expanded our number of customers seamlessly using our group company's products and services centered on asset management. We have made steady progress in generating positive results through cooperation with MHTB related to individual customers' testamentary trusts and corporate owners' business successions and through cooperation with MHSC in such fields as POs, IPOs, and M&A transactions. In this way, we have a clear perception that Area One Mizuho Promotion Project initiatives have been effectively strengthening group capabilities and promoting greater customer satisfaction.

In our overseas activities, the global financial service needs of our customers have been rising year by year. In view of this trend, we are providing support for the overseas business expansion of Japanese companies, and, for non–Japanese companies, we are working to build long–term relationships by providing not only loan financing but also a wide range of services, including settlement and securities–related services. Among these initiatives, in February 2015, we reached agreement to acquire the wholesale banking loan assets in North America of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), and we are accelerating expansion of business with non–Japanese global enterprises.

Going forward, to become our customers' most trusted financial partner, we will further accelerate our integrated management of banking, trust banking, and securities functions.

Each of MHBK's employees will maintain his or her efforts to strengthen "our capabilities for constantly coming up with and implementing new approaches to overcoming customers' challenges and resolving their issues (what MHBK refers to as "frontline capabilities")." In these ways, we are doing our utmost to support our customers and help them realize their dreams.

We sincerely appreciate your continuing support.

July 2015

File:Autograph–Nobuhide Hayashi

Nobuhide Hayashi
President & CEO
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.


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