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Mizuho Bank, as a leading financial institution with one of the largest customer bases in Japan, will build on its current strengths and characteristics, and fully leverage the comprehensive capabilities of the Mizuho group to meet our customers' diverse financial needs and contribute to the economic and social development of Japan and countries around the world. We are similarly committed to fulfilling our public duty as a financial institution by facilitating our customers' access to a stable supply of funds.

Dedicated to Becoming our Customers' Most Trusted Financial Partner

As the largest financial institution in the Mizuho group, Mizuho Bank worked further to improve all individual and corporate customer convenience by providing an effective and multifaceted range of comprehensive financial services through promoting a strategy of close collaboration between the Mizuho group's banking, trust banking and securities entities, based on the "One MIZUHO New Frontier Plan" that was formulated by our parent company, Mizuho Financial Group in 2013. We have now passed the halfway mark of this medium–term business plan. Through these initiatives, we have been steadily expanding income and the customer base in our customer divisions in Japan and overseas, and through pursuit of our One MIZUHO strategy, we realized further major synergies.

In the interest of further evolving and implementing the One Mizuho strategy in the future, we aim to improve our profitability through our differentiated cross–functional strategies and expand the customer base in Japan and overseas that underpins our business expansion. We are also making efforts to enhance our service–providing capabilities to meet the various needs of customers through such initiatives as deepening collaboration among banking, trust banking, and securities functions and strengthening our frontline capabilities. These initiatives include establishing joint branches with Mizuho Trust & Banking and Mizuho Securities, such as those we have been developing so far.

To our individual customers, we will seamlessly provide a diverse mix of financial products and services across the banking, trust banking, and securities segments. For our corporate customers, we will enhance our lending function by demonstrating our ability to take intelligent risks and improve our ability to provide solutions based on Mizuho's unique competitive advantages, such as industry expertise and capabilities in developing new products. Also, due to the increasingly global needs of customers in recent years, we will expand our overseas network and support Japanese customers' overseas expansion and will further enhance relations with non–Japanese customers in markets around the world.

To become our customers' most trusted financial partner, we will further accelerate our integrated management of banking, trust banking, and securities functions.

Everyone at Mizuho shares a commitment to providing our customers with the financial services best suited to helping them achieve their goals.

January 2015

File:Autograph–Nobuhide Hayashi

Nobuhide Hayashi
President & CEO
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.


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