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A Message from the Management


MHBK is a leading bank with one of the largest customer base in Japan and a network encompassing Japan and financial and business centers around the world. Under the Group's new medium–term business plan entitled Progressive Development of "One MIZUHO": The Path to a Financial Services Consulting Group, MHBK is strengthening its collaboration among banking, trust banking and securities functions as well as asset management and think tank services, in order to offer the best financial solutions to a wide range of customers in a timely manner by bringing together the Group's comprehensive strengths and demonstrate its consulting capability.

The business environment for financial institutions is at a turning point due to fast–moving trends toward tightening global financial regulations, the introduction of negative interest rate policy, and rapid technological innovation, more than at any time before. Amid this environment, we are working to create new financial products and services with flexibility that respond to the diversified needs of our customers, increase customer convenience and bring them greater satisfaction.

For individual customers, MHBK is increasing joint branches that can offer banking, trust banking, and securities services seamlessly, and also develop next–generation branches that can offer cutting–edge financial services. In addition, we are looking to the next generation of services through smartphones etc., making use of Fintech that combine financial with information and communications technology (ICT). For business owners, we are putting increasing emphasis on providing support for their growth strategies and business succession with regard to both corporations and owners.

For corporate customers, MHBK is strengthening its functions to provide funds to customers, using its sophisticated risk–taking capabilities, and to offer specialized and unique solutions taking advantage of its industry expertise and product development abilities. In addition, we are providing support for customers to extend their businesses overseas through our global network, while also working to build long–term and multi–faceted relationships with global corporations around the world.

MHBK will continue to fully implement its "customer first" principle (customer–focused perspective). Each member of management and all staff will maintain his or her efforts to strengthen our capabilities for constantly developing and implementing new approaches to help customers overcome and resolve the challenges they face, which we as MHBK refer to as "frontline capabilities." In these ways, we are doing our utmost to support our customers to help them realize their dreams by providing the highest quality services and realize our goal of being their "most trusted bank."

July 2016

File:Autograph–Nobuhide Hayashi

Nobuhide Hayashi
President & CEO
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

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