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Mizuho China Business Express

Mizuho China Business Express

Explanation of the latest trends in an easy–to–understand way, regarding notable regulatory information on China's foreign exchange administration, RMB–denominated cross–border trade and foreign direct investment, etc.

Mizuho China Business Express Report

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Title Date of Release Summary
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 410)(PDF/304KB) Nov 25, 2015 People's Bank of China, Shanghai Municipal People's Government, etc.,Announce New Policy on Financial reforms for the Shanghai Free Trade Zone with a Focus on the Opening of and Growth Strategies for Financial Markets
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 402)(PDF/203KB) Sep 14, 2015 People's Bank of China Clarifies Scope of Foreign Currency Risk Reserve, Includes Wide range of Derivatives in Scope of Deposit Requirement
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 401)(PDF/264KB) Sep 9, 2015 The People's Bank of China Imposes Foreign Currency Risk Reserve Deposits in a bid to Ease Strong Downward Pressure on the Yuan
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 377)(PDF/369KB) May 8, 2015 SAFE Authorizes Nationwide Rollout of Voluntary Settlement of Foreign Exchange Capital Funds, Retains Principle of "Actual Business Needs" on Use of Settled Foreign Exchange
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 371)(PDF/427KB) April 20, 2015 State Administration of Foreign Exchange Simplifies Foreign Exchange Administration of Direct Investment, Assigns Foreign Exchange Registration Procedure to Banks.
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 343)(PDF/343KB) March 27, 2015 State Administration of Foreign Exchange implements a pilot reform on voluntary settlement of foreign exchange capital funds in 16 regions
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 370)(PDF/149KB) March 13, 2015 People’s Bank of China cuts benchmark bank interest rates, raises the upper limit on deposit interest rates to 130% of the benchmark interest rate
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 367)(PDF/337KB) March 13, 2015 China Banking Regulatory Commission Solicits Opinions on the Management Rules of Entrusted Loans, Specifies Prohibited Fund Sources and Uses
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 324)(PDF/242KB) March 12, 2015 State Administration of Foreign Exchange Issues Rules for the Implementation of Cross-border Foreign Exchange Fund Pooling and Centralized Settlement of Current Account Transactions by Multinationals
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 369)(PDF/367KB) March 6, 2015 People's Bank of China Shanghai Head Office Introduces New Foreign Debt Administration Model to Enable Offshore Financing Through Free Trade Accounts
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 328)(PDF/377KB) February 26, 2015 Shanghai Head Office of the People's Bank of China issues implementation rules for free trade accounts Benefits of financial reform are likely to be some time comin
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 327)(PDF/440KB) February 20, 2015 State Administration of Foreign Exchange Issues New Rules on the Provision of Cross–border Guarantees, Exempts Performance of Guarantee Obligations up to a Certain Amount from Inclusion in the External Debt Quota
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 354)(PDF/368KB) January 30, 2015 People's Bank of China Lifts Ban on Centralized Cross–border Renminbi Operations for Entire Nation
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 290)(PDF/313KB) January 30, 2015 People's Bank of China issues opinions on financial system reforms for the pilot free trade zone
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 272)(PDF/241KB) January 30, 2015 People's Bank of China simplifies the procedures for cross–border RMB settlement and removes approval requirement for outbound lending in RMB
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 268)(PDF/329KB) January 30, 2015 China's Ongoing Foreign Administration Reforms – Confirmation of Administrative Procedures for Direct Investment and Foreign Dept–
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 230)(PDF/830KB) January 30, 2015 People's Bank of China Announces Detailed Operational Rules on RMB-denominated Foreign Direct Investment and External Debt – Adoptes accrual-based approach to management of all RMB–denominated external debt–
Mizuho China Business Express (No. 214) (PDF/258KB)PDF January 30, 2015 Measures to Ease the Restrictions on Cross–boarder RMB Settlement of Goods Exports –Moves to remove the pilot enterprise system for goods exports–