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Mizuho's RMB Solution

Mizuho's RMB Solution

Utilizing its extensive network of offices in China, Hong Kong, etc., Mizuho offers you a wide array of services and support to meet your RMB solution needs.

Current RMB Business Trends

Information on the growth in RMB settlements and current business trends resulting from the relaxation of cross–border RMB settlements.

Current RMB Business Trends(PDF/721KB)

China's Dual Exchange Rate System (CNY vs CNH)

An introduction to China's distinctive dual exchange rate system and the characteristics of the RMB market.
China's Dual Exchange Rate System (CNY vs CNH)(PDF/485KB)

Cross–border RMB Settlement

An introduction of RMB globalization and the utilization of cross–border RMB settlements.
Cross–border RMB Settlement(PDF/653KB)

RMB–denominated Investment & Capital Increases

An introduction to the characteristics of RMB–denominated investment and capital increases and considerations for businesses operating in Mainland China.
RMB–denominated Investment & Capital Increases(PDF/716KB)

RMB–denominated Parent–Subsidiary (Intercompany) Loans

Information on basic facts and considerations in the area of RMB–denominated parent–subsidiary (intercompany) loans for businesses operating in Mainland China.
RMB–denominated Parent–Subsidiary(PDF/490KB)

China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

An overview of the Financial Reform in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, which officially launched in September 2013, its administrative regulations and other supporting rules.
China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone(PDF/304KB)

Cross–border RMB Cash Pooling

An introduction to cash pooling for the purpose of managing RMB funds within a business group.
Cross–border RMB Cash Pooling(PDF/252KB)

Free Trade Accounts(FTAs)

An overview of the free trade account (FTA) system (introduced from July 2015) and an introduction to the usage of FTAs.
Free Trade Accounts(FTAs)(PDF/430KB)

RMB Cross–border Interbank Payment System(CIPS)

An introduction to RMB Cross–border Interbank Payment System(CIPS) which Mizuho Bank's subsidiary in China, Mizuho Bank (China), Ltd. began connecting with it on July 11, 2016 (Saturday)(a first for a Japanese bank).
RMB Cross–border Interbank Payment System(CIPS)(PDF/139KB)