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Economic Report

The following reports are provided on Mizuho Research Institute's (MHRI) website.

Mizuho's Economic Outlook & Analysis

Mizuho Economic Outlook & Analysis provides outlooks on the Japanese economy every quarter and in–depth analyses on economic issues on a timely basis.

Market Insight

Market Insight is a monthly note on the Japanese and global financial markets. It provides insightful viewpoints of our chief economist.

Monthly Economic Report

Fixed–point analysis of the Japanese economy and financial markets on a monthly basis.

MHRI's e–mail magazine

  • *Mizuho Research Institute (MHRI) provides readers with its latest English–language reports in its e–mail magazine (“MHRI's e–mail magazine”).
  • *If you wish to subscribe to the MHRI's e–mail magazine, please register by clicking on the following URL.