Warning: Precautions Regarding the Use of Mizuho Global e-Banking

As of October 27, 2014

Recently, we have confirmed the electronic virus that attempts to steal login information such as IDs and passwords, by outputting a similar login screen to the one of Mizuho Global e-Banking. Please kindly be informed that there is a possibility that an illegal fake screen is displayed when you attempt to connect to Mizuho Global e-Banking, if your PCs are infected by those kinds of viruses. For the record, at this point, illegal withdrawal derived from this incident has not been confirmed.

In order to secure your safe use of Mizuho Global e-Banking, please kindly note the following points.

attentionDo NOT input your login information on the following screen

  • A pop–up screen* that appears immediately after you login
  1. *Pop–up screen is another window that appears automatically on the screen, such as home page, and displays a new screen.


<Common Information>

  1. To avoid infection of electronic viruses and spyware, please keep updating the browser, OS, and third party software such as AdobeReader of your PCs to the latest status, and also, please execute a virus check regularly by using the anti–virus software that is updated to the latest status.
  2. Please do not make your IDs and passwords be consisted of easily assumable numbers or alphabets. Please change those IDs and passwords regularly.
  3. Please do not click the URL or open the file attached to e–mails which you do not have any idea of receiving.
  4. It is reported that the following events occur when PCs or other devises are infected;
    • – Abnormal motions, such as unintended shutdown or freeze occur
    • – When a user attempts to login, a message shown that insists the user has been already logged–in, though it has not
    In case you come across those events, we recommend that you do not continue to use those PCs for executing bank transactions until the safety is confirmed.

<To reduce the damage at the emergency>

  • We recommend that the maximum amount of remittance should be restricted to the essentially necessary amount.
  • Except in unavoidable cases, the maker and the approver of remittance instructions should be separated. And also, it is recommended that the maker and the approver use the different PCs.
  • If your beneficiaries of remittance are limited, we recommend the use of the function that disables remittance to the accounts that are not registered in advance.
  • If you are the one–time password user, we recommend that you use the one–time passwords not only at logging in but also at the time of approval of remittance.

If you encounter the event such as a pop–up screen being appeared immediately after you login Mizuho Global e-Banking, it is highly possible that your PCs have already been infected by the electronic viruses; and your IDs, passwords, or other personal information have been read illegally by a third party. In this case, please discontinue the use of your PCs immediately and contact the office in charge that you applied for the service. When you find a suspicious screen or unauthorized withdrawal, please also contact the office member.