Common Reporting Standard (CRS)


Dear valued customer:

Under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), which came to effective in 1 January 2017 in Japan, Mizuho Bank, headquartered in Japan, is required to request you to provide us with your foreign status, including, but not limited to, country of residence for tax purposes, date of birth (individuals only) and foreign tax identification number.

For CRS regulations in Japan, please visit National Tax Agency of Japan's website where relevant materials are available in English. If you have any queries in relation to the CRS and your tax matters, please consult your tax advisor or the local tax authority.


  • 1.For customers who intend to open or have opened a financial account with a Mizuho Bank branch located in Japan, please click the link below to download the CRS Self–Certification form.
  • 2.Please send the following documents via (air) mail:
    • A.Signed PDF of your CRS Self–Certification Form; and
    • B.A copy of documentary evidence to substantiate your name, address, date of birth (individuals only), and the tax residency declared in your CRS Self–Certification Form.
  • 3.Delivery address:
    The Mizuho Bank branch located in Japan where your account(s) is held.
    Please visit the website below for addresses of the Mizuho Bank's branches in Japan (search by branch name in English).
  • 4.To view this notice and obtain the CRS Self–Certification Form in Japanese, please visit below:

If you have any questions, please contact the branch where your account is held, using the contact details on the website above.

If you have already submitted valid certification to your Mizuho Bank branch in Japan, please disregard this notice.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to fulfil our obligations under Japan's CRS.

Mizuho Bank, Ltd.