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Notice to Customers Wishing to Conduct a Currency Exchange Transaction

Limits on Currency Exchange Transactions

In an effort to help prevent international money laundering and related fraudulent transactions, please note that Mizuho Bank currency exchange locations will be placing limits on currency exchange transactions effective April 1st, 2013.

Transaction Limits

  • Currency exchange transactions from JPY into another currency: JPY 1,000,000 or equivalent
  • Currency exchange transactions from other currencies into JPY: JPY 300,000 or equivalent
    • *Currency exchange transactions for business purposes (commercial payments, etc.) are not accepted.

Please be aware that you will be requested to present certain documentation (listed below) if you wish to conduct a currency exchange transaction in excess of the relevant limit above (to a maximum of JPY 2,000,000 or equivalent).
(Please also note that currency exchange personnel are not permitted to execute transactions unless the purpose of the transaction has been confirmed.)

Required Documentation

Documents to confirm personal identity (must be valid at time of presentation)

  • Passport, Japanese driver’s license, special permanent resident certificate, residence card, Japanese health insurance card, etc.

Documents to confirm purpose of transaction

  • Travel: Travel itinerary, passport, etc.
  • Study abroad: Letter of admission, etc.
  • Business travel: Business travel itinerary, your company’s company brochure, etc.
  • Overseas posting: Work visa, notice of transfer, etc.

Please Note the Following

  • Currency exchange personnel will make photocopies of all documentation presented.
  • This currency exchange cannot process currency exchange transactions involving deposits or withdrawals from a bank account. (Only currency transactions involving cash can be processed.)
  • Procedures at Mizuho Bank branches differ slightly from above.

Please ask a currency exchange staff member if you have any questions regarding this matter.

(March 2013)