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Call Center


Mizuho Information Line (toll free, in English, for individual customers) 0120–324–638

Service Content

Assistance with the products and services listed below is available in English.

Products and Services

  • Yen deposits
  • Foreign currency deposits/overseas remittance
  • Housing loans
  • Other loans
  • Branches/ATMs
  • Mizuho Direct *1
  • Mizuho Mileage Club *2

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm (Japan time)

Closed on public holidays in Japan, including substitute holidays, as well as Dec. 31 – Jan. 3.
Service may not be available during the above hours due to system maintenance etc

  • *1Online banking service accessible from personal computers and smartphones
  • *2Membership service which offers special benefits, such as free ATM usage outside of business hours, depending on the customer's transaction status, etc.


Step 1:
Call the toll free number above.
Step 2:
You will be connected to an interpreter–operator. Please inquire in English about the product/service you are interested in.
Step 3:
The interpreter–operator will connect you to the representative who is in charge of that product/service.
Step 4:
A three–way call (customer — interpreter–operator — representative in charge of product/service) will begin.
Step 5:
The interpreter–operator will interpret your inquiry into Japanese for the representative, and interpret their reply into English for you.