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MCPC award The only company across all industries to receive the award for 5 consecutive years since 2010

MCPC Award for 5 Consecutive Years

By taking the initiative in pioneering services in relation to "smartphones", "tablets", "apps", "AR (augmented reality)", "contactless IC (NFC)", and "wearables", etc. ahead of industry, and not only the financial industry, Mizuho Bank received the MCPC award for 5 consecutive years since 2011.
We will continue to propose new financial service "formats" while actively partnering with start-up companies and IT companies to meet the needs, ideas, products and services of customers.

List of MCPC Awards

  1. 2015:"Banking for smartphones and wearables" Security Committee Special Award
  2. 2014:"Smart Reception System" Encouragement Award
  3. 2013:"Mizuho Bank app" Encouragement Award
  4. 2012:"ATM/Store Locator App" Encouragement Award
  5. 2011:"Ouchi-no-okane" Encouragement Award

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(As of May 1, 2016)