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Fast! Easy! Convenient! Account Establishment App

Simple Account Establishment App

The Simple Account Establishment App was developed using the concept Fast! Easy! Convenient!, and it is the first megabank smartphone app for establishing an account.
No application needs to be filled in nor do papers need to be posted when using this app, and the passbook is issued in as short as 4 business days from the time of submission via the app.

Use of cloud services

The change in the environment for banks is picking up pace year after year, and our assumption has been that external company resources need to be used to the maximum in order to promptly respond to the changing needs of customers.
We have been able to use the technology and know-how through partnerships with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and Toshiba Corporation, allowing us to achieve very convenient services.

The future

This app is a contact tool when a customer first starts trading with Mizuho, and is considered to be a service with much further scope for development.
For example, we are endeavoring to improve functions such as the simultaneous acceptance of applications for services such as various types of loans, the provision of product information and processing instructions through AI on smartphone apps to cater to the needs of customers so that they can find pleasure and convenience in using financial services "anytime", and "anywhere".

  • *The screen image is a sample.

(As of May 1, 2016)