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Pepperprovides new in-branch services

The world's first test case for a bank

In July 2015, Pepper was welcomed as a new member of Mizuho Bank. The installation of Pepper is the world's first test case for a bank.

Status as the next generation channel

Mizuho Bank commenced internet/ mobile banking services around the year 2000, and in 2010, we were the first financial institution to commence banking services for smartphones. Subsequently, we developed the first Japanese bank app for tablets and developed a banking app service for wearables in 2015. We are steadily developing and providing next generation channels to meet the needs, ideas, products and services for customers.
Now, we have added Pepper to this channel. Pepper can be considered a hybrid channel that combines both the face-to-face channel of an over-the-counter interaction, etc. with non face-to-face channels such as the internet. Mizuho Bank continues with initiatives to develop and provide next generation channels necessary to be a lead role model for financial services.

Collaboration with external companies

The installation of Pepper at Mizuho Bank was achieved through collaboration with Softbank Robotics Corp."Pepper" was jointly developed by Softbank Robotics Corp. and ALDEBARAN Robotics SAS as the first humanoid robot capable of recognizing the principal human emotions, and Mizuho Bank agreed to use Pepper for customer service at its branches to build the next generation channel.


Meet Pepper Here!


May 01, 2016
Mizuho Financial Group Incubation Project Team's Joint General Manager Masato Kaneda presents on "Robots and AI" at the "Efma Distribution Summit 2016 in London"
A great success with a crowd around Pepper.

Softbank Official Website: Pepper image gallery
Video presentation about Mizuho's installation of Pepper.

(As of Dec 29, 2017)