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installed in Call Centers preparing for next generation channels

Watson Technology

Watson Technology is a cognitive computing* platform to derive the appropriate and timely response based on questions and conversations. Provided with a learning function, the system can build on experience to autonomously increase the accuracy of response.

  • *Computing technology aimed at achieving human cognitive activity by analyzing information, undergoing learning and inference, which leads to action.

Collaboration with External Companies

To build a next generation channel, Mizuho Bank agreed with IBM Japan, Ltd in November 2014 to jointly build a system using Watson Technology at call centers, etc. that provides beneficial information on a timely base in response to customers. The system became operational in February 2015, and its use is currently being expanded within the call center. The technology was installed in conjunction with voice recognition technology that transcribes voice data.

Example of installation at the call center

  1. 1.A customer's voice is converted to data using the voice recognition system
  2. 2.On being converted to data, the data is linked to the Watson system
  3. 3.The Watson system links to DB such as FAQ, etc. and extracts appropriate response proposals
  4. 4.The most suitable proposed responses that were extracted are displayed in real time on the screen used by the operator
  5. 5.The operator responds to the customer referring to such proposed responses

The future

With future developments in technology, it may become possible to provide proposals that perfectly suit individual customer through various channels.
Mizuho is actively working on new ideas to help everyone feel there is more convenience and familiarity.

(As of May 1, 2016)