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Wearable Devices used for advance services

Development of next generation channels

Prior to 2000, financial services were predominantly provided over-the-counter at branches and through ATMs, etc. From around the year 2000, the development of the Internet and mobile banking services made it possible for customers to use financial services on hand, without having to visit a branch.
Mizuho Bank was the first to develop banking services for smartphones in 2010, which was followed by a tablet app in 2012, and the development of a banking app service for Apple Watch in 2015.
Channels for financial services have changed with the passage of time, and Mizuho is the first to take the initiative in developing and providing next generation channels to cater to the needs of customers as well as products and services.

Deal with Apple Watch

We provide a service for processing "balances and statement of deposits and withdrawals", and "bank deposits and transfers" referred to as the Mizuho Direct app for smartphones. Enhancing the development of this function further, we developed the first financial service of a Japanese bank that could simply show the balance statement for a deposit account on an Apple Watch as well.

Image of Apple Watch 'Balance Statement'  1 Tap the Apple Watch icon 2  Display the balance of the deposit account Image of 'Push distribution' Notify the scheduled day for transfer

Collaboration with Nomura Research Institute and MoneySmart

The Mizuho Direct app for smartphone commenced in FY2013 in collaboration with Nomura Research Institute. Partnering with MoneySmart, which is a start-up company for screen design referred to as UI and UX, we commenced development and provision for Apple Watch in collaboration with Nomura Research Institute.
The development period including requirement definition was about 3 months and it was very short; however, collaborating with external companies made it possible to release the service quickly.
We continue to develop new services and next generation channels to meet the needs of customers, as well as products and services, by actively collaborating with external companies.

  • *Apple Watch is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the US and other countries.
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(As of May 1, 2016)