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Financial Products

Investment Banking and Custodial Services

Mizuho Bank develops and offers products and services, especially in the field of fund-raising, that draw on cutting-edge financial technology to support the business and financial strategies of our clients.


Japan's market for syndicated finance reached JPY28.5 trillion in fiscal year 2015 (according to data released by Japanese Bankers Association) and has grown to become one of the world's leading syndication markets, following the United States and United Kingdom. In fiscal year 2015, Mizuho Bank accounted for 37.0% (according to data released by Thomson Reuters) of the domestic syndication market, No.1 market share. Going forward, we plan to draw on our strong sales and syndication capabilities to meet the diverse financing requirements of our clients.

Bond Administrative Services

With the advantage of our top-ranking position in the market, we offer bond administrative services for corporate bonds and asset-backed securities(ABS) as a trustee⁄fiscal agent.

Real Estate Finance

We have arranged financing for a number of real estate-related projects. Taking full advantage of our knowledge and skills developed through various kinds of deals we have arranged for years, we simply offers the best solutions, including advice for financial & business strategies, and a variety of financing options (ex. securitization of real estate, etc.), to solve our customers' issues, such as business restructuring, overseas expansion, strengthening their financial base, BCP, diversifying their financing methods, rebuilding/redeveloping/other effective use of their real estate, and CRE management.

Acquisition Finance and Corporate Restructuring Business

We help clients increase corporate value through M&A, business revitalization and corporate restructuring by providing sophisticated, high-level financing solutions, which include market-leading MBO/LBO finance for M&A and total debt restructuring, borrowing-base finance, and DIP finance for corporate restructuring and business revitalization.

Project Finance

Project financing arrangements serve to provide financial resources for specific projects, which are operated as individual business entities, and the income and cash flows generated by these projects are used to repay their financial obligations. Mizuho Bank will draw upon the expertise of our domestic and overseas branch networks, and our experience in arranging syndicated loans, to help customers meet their financing needs.
Domestically, in response to the revision of Japan's Private Finance Initiative Act and the enactment of its Feed–In Tariff Law for Renewable Electric Energy, we are increasing our involvement in public–private–partnerships and renewable energy development. Globally, we are currently involved in a wide variety of projects around the world, including natural resources development, electric power generation, and public infrastructure development.

Asset Finance

We support customers' financial strategies by offering sophisticated solutions that use wide–ranging assets such as securitization arranged in both domestic and overseas markets, inventory finance and whole business securitization. Through these methods, we satisfy customers’ demands such as diversification of funding sources or improvement of financial indicators.

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