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Financial Services

Settlement and Foreign Exchange Divisions

Yen Clearing

Based on our dominant market presence, as well as our lineup of attractive products and services that draw on our IT and “e-function” capabilities, we have expanded our yen settlement services for regional banks in Japan, CLS agency settlement custody services, and foreign currency/yen settlement and custody services for foreign banks. These initiatives are helping us to build close partnerships with other banks and enhancing our profitability.

Yen Custody

Mizuho Bank is the leading custodian among Japanese banks. Many overseas institutional investors, international securities settlement organizations and others use our services.

Mizuho e-Business Site

This service enables our clients to make requests for transactions and transaction information, such as domestic transfers and remittances/foreign exchange (including foreign exchange forward contracts), by linking their PCs to our Web systems via the Internet.

Mizuho Advanced Cash Management Services (CMS)

This is a financial management system that enables clients to conduct the strategic consolidated management of their activities. Services cover a diverse range and include not only the management of lending and borrowing activities among client group companies but also centralized payment for group companies as well as schemes for reducing trade notes and payables.

In addition, we provide CMS advisory services drawing on our wealth of know-how based on extensive experience while providing these services to clients. We are, therefore, able to offer proposals for effective cash management methods, ways to upgrade step by step the sophistication of services clients wish to take advantage of, and comprehensive cash management solutions.

Mizuho Global e-Banking

This service responds to the needs of clients who have overseas offices and want to enhance the efficiency of cash management. This service is offered from almost 30 locations globally. Using the Internet, clients are able to make inquiries regarding their accounts, arrange for remittances, and conduct other transactions on a 24-hour basis throughout the world (ten language display: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguse, Malay).

Mizuho SWIFT Connectivity Services for Corporates

Mizuho Bank provides innovative and leading solutions for corporate clients globally via SWIFT network.

Mizuho WEB-ANSER Service

This service enables clients to link their PCs with our Web systems via the Internet and receive detailed information on remittances and transfers, account balances, deposits, and other account-related matters.

Best Receiver

This system sets aside a separate account for each paying client, thus making it possible to determine with almost 100% certainty the source of remittances received (by remitter). This service helps to substantially increase the efficiency of systems for keeping accounts receivable ledgers up to date.

"Super Receiver" Collection Services

This system makes it possible for the financial control company to make integrated collections and conduct the centralized management of accounts receivable by transferring remittances arriving in the specified accounts of group companies into the control company's account in real time, without interrupting the receipt of remittances into group company accounts.

Mizuho PC Service: Code Master Download Service for Financial Institutions

Under this service, clients making use of the Mizuho PC Bank Service for Windows can download the latest version of the Code Master Service for Financial Institutions. (In using these services, clients must first make an application at the branch where they have an account.)

Asset Management Department

Trust-Related Services

Mizuho Trust & Banking and Trust & Custody Services Bank, both core companies of the Mizuho Financial Group, respond accurately and quickly to customer needs by offering services in many kinds of trust-related services.

Asset Management Services

Three Group companies - Mizuho Asset Management, DIAM, and Shinko Investment Trust Management - as well as members of their overseas network, provide a diverse range of products for the investment of pension funds and investment trusts. As of March 31, 2011, the total assets under management of these three asset management companies was approximately ¥15.3 trillion (about ¥4.7 trillion was accounted for by the balance of assets in domestic pension funds).

Alternative Asset Management Services

We offer alternative investment products (investment assets other than traditional assets such as stocks and bonds, as well as products characterized by sophisticated and diversified management strategies) through New York-based Mizuho Alternative Investments, LLC and Tokyo-based Mizuho Global Alternative Investments, Ltd. We also provide customers with hedge fund information through our Singapore-based subsidiary Eurekahedge Pte, Ltd.

Investment Trust-Related Services

The Group is expanding its lineup of investment trust products, which are currently centered on private investment trust funds for qualified institutional investors, to include public investment trusts. In particular, our development of tailor-made products to meet the outsourcing needs of asset management customers has been favorably received by customers. Going forward, we are planning to enhance our capabilities for offering high-quality services that are substantially more fine-tuned to meet asset-management needs ranging from specific management products to advice for overall portfolio optimization based on the know-how of Mizuho Dai-Ichi Financial Technology and are, therefore, moving forward with strengthening our investment trust development and sales systems.

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