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The Mizuho Debit Card Introduced in Asia


Mizuho Bank, in partnership with global technology company Wirecard Group, introduces a corporate debit card in Asia. This significant enhancement to our transaction banking service offering will allow us, through Wirecard, to issue the card and enable Mizuho corporate clients in the Asia region to accept the card for payment.

With this new service, our clients that accept the debit card will benefit from greater speed and convenience in realizing cash into their Mizuho bank account. On the issuing side, we have broadened our full servicing banking offering to include corporate debit cards for added convenience.

Wirecard issued a press release on March 14 to announce this new partnership. They also announced it in the "Money 20/20" Asia conference in Singapore on the same day.

An engaging Washington, DC event gathers together economists and policymakers

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On January 8, 2018 (local time), Mizuho hosted a welcome reception to mark the opening of the new Washington, DC office at the W Hotel. More than 130 attendees enjoyed an evening of drinks and dinner featuring insights from our global economists and remarks from members of the House Financial Services Committee.

Over dinner, a panel of Mizuho's global economists gave attendees an inside look at the interplay of economic forces driving the complex markets of Japan, China, and the US. Then a panel of legislators from the House Financial Services Committee gave their insights on the trends driving finance legislation on Capitol Hill.

You can watch a short video clip of the event on YouTube.

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